The Tent (2014 Sci-Fi, Time Travel, Teleport Short Film)


While on a camping trip with friends, a teenager discovers that his tent has the ability to teleport. But soon he discovers that teleportation isn't the only thing the tent can do...

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This short film was shot on a $0 budget. I traveled with some friends and family along the Great Ocean Road and shot this on the way.
Written and Directed By: Robbie Fatt
Edited By: Robbie Fatt
Cinematography By: Robbie Fatt
Additional Camera: Jared Vincent
Music By: Robbie Fatt

Jake: Scott Fatt
Girl: Angeline Tyrokomos
Guy: Joel Raymond

Filmed all around SA, VIC and NSW in Australia including the 12 apostles and Mt Gambier.
  • Ange Ritchie

    Loved it - i personally found the acting to be a hell of a lot better than some amateur movies on here!

  • jonjon

    Not how I would act at first

  • Anita Foster

    Ooohh...I want one!!

  • Nate Lance

    Before the very ending, like after he disappears coming out of the tent I thought it meant he was now stuck in a closed-circuit loop, just stuck going in and out of the tent forever, haha

  • Enrico Goncalves

    I want this tent to escape from my miserable fucking life

  • Samantha Q

    That's a weird looking tent.

  • Tyler Durden

    Brilliant idea, congrats ! Next time spend some money for a more professional sondscape, sorry you wasted this idea.

  • Gnana Sundar

    What is that at the end??.... after the credits........ the loop gets deleted and then where does the guy with mobile come from????

  • Localin Geemale

    I wondered the guy had Euro-black socks on and then he spoke. Foreigner.

  • Todd

    This was not very good. Very poor acting.

  • Cee Didley

    that was ''intents'' lol

  • Mimi Singha

    No need to save money for world tour after retirement.

  • A. B.

    Do not keep your shoes on while in the tent! Amateurs.

  • Theophilus Taiwo Martins

    Oh!! I get the ending!!! He ceases to exist because he never goes to get his jacket, so none of that ever happened... sort of..?

  • doomlist darkness

    the writer of this movie is not good in the head they made this film just because they couldn't sell any tent

  • gefluzafix

    het, heres a fun factor, im not chrono-complacent. i have three working time machine models in secondlife , but the major factor ? is i would never except a time stream that involved the destruction of myself or others. one time hole can lead to another if enough energy is available. fortunately a jump of only 60 seconds requires about 13 lightning strikes (~12,899,996,554 joules) of electricity. so until i release the concept of the plasma-ion-mercury^ferrofuild-tungsten^buckyball reactor, you wont have beens. alls im asking for is the good life and ample opportunities to make the world a better place, im talking a black vine debit card with an unlimited pool. then ill be happy to law out all the plans and designs. mostly im jsut itneresting in having my own fun and making the world a better place through inventions and optimizations ,such as gene hacking grass to produce even mroe oxygen. i have tons of plans guys/ 2

  • Airton Granero

    How you did the scene where you talk to yourself? I like the ending by the way.

  • DurianGold

    Am I the only one who didn't hear anything at 3:29 or my speaker just broke?

  • Sig Urther


  • daniel Jay

    Got sucked into that one. Great job.

  • Mitch Bookey

    who knew time travel would be such a pain in the ass

  • Mark Gohl

    Nice Concept. Very good and perfectly watch-able file. Liked it a lot :)

  • Hugo Nuñez

    I enjoyed watching your short film, the sequence seemed to me really interesting. I believe in time travelers and other dimensions. I like physics I was looking for this kinds of films.

  • Tom Surman-Roberts

    "I can't be bothered to explain".

  • Jampa Dhondup

    This is such an amateur film. I am saying this to push you further but be proud that you made a film that got 200k views!

  • Jody Fulford

    @ Robert Fatt That was one of the most intriguing no-budget flicks I have ever seen. Well done and keep at it.

  • JérémY GrecTé

    The future guy is always late on each places. So why does he come out of the tent first at the original place with his friends ?

  • Martha Gillespie

    Lost in space or time or different realities? Poor dialogue, poor acting, nice scenery. Too bad if the zip in the tent flap jammed. Kiwi accents?

  • Raju

    Dont see the Movie "The Triangle" too much.....

  • Gerardo Pedraza

    Overall good but... He says he will grab a jacket and puts on a shirt? Also why close the tent to put on a shirt?

  • James Paden

    Neat. Spatial travel is wrong, place doesn't change, so that seems off to me. But all else is great. If you had spent a lot more you could have done props and set design better, I'm sure. I don't see how, but, I don't make movies. The STORY of this was what I liked, a LOT. The after credits scene only confused it. That one part has no explanation in the whole clip. I would either junk it, or edit in footage that explains it. Everyone who had a part in making this did an excellent job. Kudos.

  • raul gerardo Diaz


  • Renberg

    Cool, although the sound kept going from stereo to mono on my headphones depending on the scene.

  • __Niko__

    Fuck it is a never ending loop

  • Dennis Miller

    'You have just entered the shadows of the Twilight Zone' Good job

  • Jacob Robert Desio

    Very cool concept and nice job on a no budget short. I think the ending wasn't as good as the rest of the film built it up to be but I still love what you did. Great work!

  • steph Intras

    Great photography where ever you are

  • Jack Wingo

    Very enjoyable and entertaining, makes one think, which is a good thing.

  • Robert Stokes

    Hey did you attend the Colorado film school

  • Hastin Nuraini

    Hello all introduce my name Hastin Nuraini Jalan Lilin Mas 6 Dadaprejo Junrejo Batu East Java - Indonesia Tel: 62-81334887683 I love to write and have a series of short stories I want to sell a movie script for Hollywood And one day want to be a jury at the film festival greetings from Indonesia

  • Gabriella Ross

    I feel like only those who watch Dr Who truly understand what's going on XD

  • Phrenetic

    Who else would have grabbed the jacket and put it on outside instead of zipping the tent? That film's actually really good but come on, he didn't change his undies or something, he put on a jacket. Who is too shy to do this in front of their friends or inside an unzipped tent? :D Still like it, though :)

  • Daniel Calegari

    I love to watch short movies... a lot of time they are almost shit, but sometimes they are GREAT, VERY NICE, like yours! Congratulations from Brazil!

  • Matti Vilmunen

    So this guy is "warping" with his tent to catch the pre version of himself, right? Now what would happen if he would stay on the spot and wait for "himself"? Let's say that he will wait on that beach place with those cliffs. Now if he do wait, he wont be able tell "himself" to go inside the tent to "find out what is happening". This would mean that he didn´t go inside the tent in the first place, which he did.. Conclusion: No matter what he does, the results will be the same. He went and he didn't.

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