Shrek 3 Trailer смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Shrek 3 Trailer
  • Sgt Sierra 1

    0:32 Hey, you said it pal, not Shrek.

  • Look At My Face!

    Shrek will wreck the heck outta your deck Beck

  • Joseph G. Hotto

    2:00 was the best part

  • RandomGamer

    Meh this movie was ok, but Shrek 2 will always be my favorite shrek movie

  • Lucy Locket

    This upload is now over ten years old!

  • Aeacero 507

    I'm kinda surprise that i have never seen this movie 😣😣😣

  • Blue'sClues&TheWigglesFTW TeenTitansGo!FTL

    Classic YouTube Video!

  • Lucy Locket

    How the fuck did a decent quality video end up on YouTube in 2006, ten years ago?

  • Faith Rutherford

    I was 21 when this came out but I still watched it anyway....

  • Lucy Locket

    This film is now officially one decade old, scary huh?

  • kill yourself please enju

    The Ogrelord returns to destroy more pussy again.

  • Who is Kelp

    When is the English dub coming out?

  • Maria Ruiz

    like si lo ves en el 2015

  • MimmikRF F.

    Ahh my god so hot aaiuuuuu yyttyyEEEESSSSSSSS 8====✊====D

  • Herman Pesina

    it's 2017 and I've never seen part 3 before but this trailer looks like it's hilarious

  • Watered.Bread

    Shrek 3 was bad shrek 4 was fucking terrible, I hope if there's a sequel they go back in time an abort those babies

  • jared cuffel

    i was born a year before this was uploaded

  • jakeydragon1988

    0:58 - 1:04 What is the name of the track?!

  • Vanessa Anverk

    am I the only one who actually enjoyed this one

  • Ismael D'Amato

    over 10 years and still loving watching it!!!

  • Ben Daly McKenna

    Flushed Away Dvd anyone?

  • The Two Teens


  • ScreamingLordByron

    And you wonder why we never see Arthur again.

  • joseph worku

    This trailer was from flushed away DVD

  • Sarashi Xaenyth

    dreamworks barely mess up there movies unless they make sequels Shrek 1 Was Good Shrek 2 Was Outstandingly Better Shrek 3 Just Lost All Of What The Second One Was Good Storyline Fun And Creativeness When Shrek 4 Came Out It Was Decent Better Than This

  • SenselessBonkai

    So does this movie also have dirty jokes like the last 2?

  • B - bomb

    why can't anyone remember the plot of this one ?

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