And Then There Were None (1974) - Trailer смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Trailer for the 1974 film version of Agatha Christie's 1939 novel, "Ten Little [whatevers, depending on how old you were when you purchased the novel]".

This version is variously referred to as: "And Then There Were None", "Ein Unbekannter Rechnet Ab" and "... E Poi, Non Ne Rimase Nessuno"

Filmed between the 1965 and 1989 versions, the was the second of three adaptations produced by Harry Alan Towers and uses a near identical script to the 1965 version. Moving the action away from an island off the English coast, 1965 found the victims situated high in the Austrian alps; in 1974, they were relocated to an empty Iranian hotel; by 1989, the story inexplicably took place on an African safari.

Here, the titular ten are played by: Charles Aznavour, Maria Rohm, Adolfo Celi ("Thunderball"), Stéphane Audran, Alberto de Mendoza, Richard Attenborough, Gert Fröbe ("Goldfinger", "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"), Herbert Lom, Elke Sommer and Oliver Reed. Orson Welles provides the voice of Mr. U. N. Owen.

The film has recently been released on a DVD by Optimum on an English language DVD in the U.K. (excellent picture quality, btw, good colours and plenty of grain) while the score by Bruno Nicolai was finally released on CD by Digitmovies late in 2009.
  • No Ha

    I already finished the book but damn that trailer scared me

  • The Biggest News Jason Rosenberg

    The 1945 version is by far the BEST version and its creepy and hilarious at the same time. Best cast as well

  • Vivien Ballard

    Wow, those scream effects are terrible. And why are there three women, rather than two like in the book?

  • Daniel Elford

    Wait - A trailer that actually spoils the story?! Haha.

  • The Bull

    That scream made my cat freak out!

  • roope rontu

    I like aznavour's jacket.

  • Reefo albogami

    wooooooooooooooooooooow it is a Great novel !

  • Name of the Rose

    Why didn't they burn down the house?

  • DarkKyugara

    Where Can I find that full movie? That one, not the oldest one.

  • Gavin Lockey

    The dullest interpretation of Christie novel you will ever see

  • U.N. Owen

    This is one of my favourite versions of the story (also known as Ten Little Indians - which was not it's original title. It was changed for 'PC' reasons.). 2 of the 10 guests, Gert Froebe and Adolfo Celli were also Bond villains. In all my years, I've only had ONE person who 'got' my name.In all that time, I've had people 'analyse' me (seriously) - tell me what type of person I must be - all the while not even noticing my name, or where it's from.Perhaps it's just the fact that most people today are (happily) poorly educated, and willfully ignorant.Sigh...

  • e21big

    Saw's Forefather 

  • Princess El

    I've seen the family guy version of this lol 😋

  • comandofilm

    Don't miss this artistic version of And Then There Were None, quite good!Agatha Christie's "And then there were none (1 of 10)"

  • Bevgebra


  • Paul Abbott

    Does anybody survive this mystery?

  • dohaperson1

    Watch the Russian's on youtube.  It's the best version there has been...keeping totally to the book, well acted and directed.

  • Coral Roper

    I want to find this movie. If nothing else, because it has Chief Inspector Dreyfus in it, and even if it doesn't do the original book should at least be worth that.

  • Shahrzad S

    This was shot during Iran's golden days in the Abbas Hotel!

  • Adcro Ash

    Trailers sucked in the 70s

  • Luke Beck

    I love this film i think its the best version

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