Les Revenants

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  • Juliana Campos

    Adorei a primeira temporada. Pena que o retorno das gravações está prevista para fevereiro 2014, e previsão de estréia da segunda temporada para final de 2014...

  • joan6839

    Il y a quelcu'un a Ènneci qui parle Arpitant?

  • GreenSkyFalling

    I am an American, I just started watching this series, and so far I love it. HOWEVER, me and my friends are still slightly shocked that the producers and families of the show allowed the teenage sex scene with Camille to be shot. Obviously that girl is much too young to be filmed in such a manner. I understand that Europeans are more liberal sexually, and apparently tolerant of sex with, or showing nudity of teen girls; But I hope that if this show continues, that we will not be seeing any more young ladies being depicted in sexual conduct so abrasively. JUST MY OPINION, but c'mon. We all know right from wrong.   GREAT SHOW, please keep up the excellent work. Love to learn more about French culture after this show.  Peace


    Which app to watch the show in America with English subtitles?

  • BartholomewSmutz

    Have just begun watching episode four of this series but am not sure how many more I will watch. I am somewhat interested in what happens next but the whole premise of the story is based on everyone behaving in a totally illogical manner. Also no one ever tells the truth about anything. One example is, what sane person finds a  lost little boy and just takes him home without reporting to the authorities?

  • BartholomewSmutz

    Relax GreenSkyFalling, the actress portraying Camille was at least seventeen when she appeared in the series.

  • Laureen Lrd

    That song at 2:00 __ name please? 

  • SSEnrich

    Good show. I am no expert in French culture, but it seems very "un-French" to me this. Annecy and Haute Savoie looks like a really nice place to live. I look forward to season 2.

  • Athena Latimer

    Laureen the song is Mogwai motor wizard

  • Arsen Zahray

    Nice idea, but I must say. With my 5d and few L lenses I can get movies in better quality than this one

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