Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

A woman wakes up in a room with no memory of who she is or how she got there...

This is a short set in the world of the Portal video games created by Valve Software.

Recommend viewing in HD in FULLSCREEN with sound UP...
  • Ms Smith

    This would be a great full length "cube" style movie.

  • DougieG

    Corridor did it better

  • sarah winfield

    5:23 Wheatley? if you look closely you can see a blue glow in the background

  • Conrad Campbell

    The cake is NOT a lie.

  • kylojeff

    Tell her the cake is a LIE

  • death the kid

    Still holds up on 2017

  • AidenIsHere

    but if chell got outside she would find that portal storms have been going through the world and combine domination. Portal 1 is the event shortly after the combine invasion between the portal storms and half life 2.

  • Rob Jacobs

    This video is a good visual metaphor of the situation man is in inside this Universe of Duality....Each time she returns to her cell is liken to each time the human soul is re incarcerated into matter and leaves the 'womb' the Grave of the 'spirit' to be born into the flesh....That gasp of her at the start is the new born baby... beginning its first 'experience' inside the Matrix of Life and Death...

  • Luis Felipe Milan

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  • Maxwell Farver

    well problem the portal gun is worng form real gamelook at it in the game with out grabing it

  • Ernest Shea

    Really Cool, Very Very Cool

  • Leonche 123

    The end is copied with that external ending animation that other youtuber made

  • lingi rajendran

    While watching this film in head phone 0:1 to 0:05 whats going on??? :/AT 0:06 :O WTF!!!!! lol

  • Jaclynn Hughes

    Can I have the portal gun

  • Ev1dentFir3

    I loved all of it except how she found out about the gun, there wasn't enough connection between her finding the meaning of the message, and the location of the gun.

  • Luis Felipe Milan

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  • Dorkusmalorkus Alamagorkus

    concept ripped off from another portal videobut done exceptionally

  • Ifekwe Udo Emetu

    mystic is the beat talent

  • Aki

    i feel like portal is the first part of the maze runner, as its all testing, like the maze runner is, and its being done because the world is a mess (maze runner)

  • john palamountain

    could we see a mirrors edge and a portal crossover?

  • Sandra Mills

    great video, but is everything made of moon stone in the facility, or is this a different Portal device?

  • Ifekwe Udo Emetu

    through mystic all that is hidden shall be revealed

  • Luis Felipe Milan

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  • guacanbael

    This short movie can be watched using the ShortMovie app.. -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.vedppa.shortmovie&hl=en

  • Counter attack

    Is the woman supposed to be Caroline

  • makgargos

    3 Mistakes:1. Portals can only be shot at lunar dust walls2. For this jump she should have the special boots3. If there are humans guards, they should know the power of the weapon and shouldn't act so stupidly. They shouldn't be surprised and should follow her, if she doesn't close the portals.

  • Christopher Vargas

    That's not how portal looks like

  • ShadowMelon Gaming

    Dang this was so good even I felt depressed after watching it

  • DIY_ Tc

    Tbh the endimg was sad for me go rage if u want tho lol

  • Stevatron Rock

    Not everything there is made up of moon rock?

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