The Returned (2014) - Official Trailer смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

The dead have returned.
But this is a homecoming like no other.
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The Returned is a stylish take on the supernatural genre that combines taut mystery with rich character-led drama.

In a small Alpine village in the shadow of a vast dam, a crowd of men and women find themselves in a state of confusion, trying to return to their homes. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and no-one is expecting them back.

Those returning from beyond the grave are determined to reclaim their places in the world of the living. The living are thrown into a state of turmoil by the return of friends and relatives who don't understand that time has moved on.

But it seems they are not the only ones to have returned from the dead. Their arrival coincides with a series of gruesome murders which bear a chilling resemblance to the work of a serial killer from the past.

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  • caitlinjane92

    Does anyone know the name of the music that starts at 0:31?

  • Jessica Dawn

    This show is so good! I have been watching it on netflix and every episode is so captivating! There is always something interesting going on, and it is shot so beautifully. I have to say, American film and television is lacking in originality and artistry. When you watch movies and tv from other places around the world it becomes apparent.

  • bboyalemao

    where is the season 2? anyone? I have been waiting for nearly two years :(

  • BWithPerz

    Thing is... When is season 2 coming out LOL xD

  • Paige M

    I have to practice my French, what a good show to start with!

  • Matilde Maisonnave


  • sherry witt

    This seems no different then The Resurrection which I've heard will be canceled in May 2015....which I will miss.

  • Heiko170

    Lool i thought this had actual zombies but its not. instead its something completely else

  • Cemeish Henry

    it's a new show on Netflix in English of the returned

  • Eunice Ima

    This so shitting movie with some brainless people who wouldn't do what they are supposed to do.😡

  • Birgit Muenzer

    Season 2 will start 13th july in the german language on RTL Crime! lookingforward

  • Underyaliyala

    Je préfèré la version anglaise 😕

  • Ahmet Eleftoz

    any news about the season 3?

  • Juniorfoxnetdude

    I learned French because of this series. I watched the first episodes last year and I instantly fell in love with the French language. I mean, it sound so cool! I started studying on my own. It's been about 10 months now and my French is practically fluent. I can speak it really well and understand most of what people say or enough to no longer need English subtitles. And yes. It's definitely possible to learn French in 10 months. It's easier than you think! English and French share a bunch of common vocabulary and grammatical structures. Donc, allez-y et apprenez-le! J'suis tellement heureux car je n'aurai plus besoin de sous titre pour regarder la seconde saison! Je vous recommande tous d'apprendre le français, c'est une langue magnifique ;)

  • Tobias Beer

    alors là, à la fin de la première saison, c'est tout à fait le bon moment d'arrêter voire cette histoire devenant de plus en plus ridicule ...un peu comme LOSTdisons, pour voir l'abattage d'encore plus d'orcs, on peut aussi rester avec monsieur Frodo, l'Hobbit ...ou bien, ni l'un ni l'autrepourtant, j'ai bien aimé l'ambiance et les petits histoires ...avant que ça tournait en histoire d'apocalypse zombie ...désolé, ce n'est pas pour moi ça, j'aime bien la réalitétout le monde qui attend la deuxième, tout excité, divertissez-vous bien

  • sarah854r4h

    Première fois de ma vie que je suis tenté par une série française j'éspère qu'elle en vaut la peine!


    En tout cas c'est pas souvent que les anglais ou américains lisent des sous-titres vu que tous les plus grands films et les plus grande série sont américain ! Ils ont de la chaîne les batard xD

  • GunsNScoop

    mogwai - wizard motor

  • JazzKeyboardist1

    a different kid did that tonight. 

  • Willem Vroege

    The shooting of season 2 is taking place between Sept 2014 - March 2015. I don't know if there is a schedule for broadcasting. See

  • Froy Lan

    I just finished watching the american version on Netflix, it got canceled but now i have found this gem exist 🙀 plus frehch. Hope i can i find it with subtitles.

  • Francesco Bonfiglio

    Reminds me of Lars Von Trier's Kingdom but without humour.

  • Valerie Brewster

    I freaking love this show!! Though I don't know much French, it's an amazing show! I want more but only two seasons on Netflix.

  • espisene

    what;s the music from this trailer? its beautiful, anyone???

  • TheButtonSmasher

    Ils ont littéralement traduit Les Revenants à l'anglais . xD !! Ça me fait rire .. ahhh ces anglais !

  • Sektion9

    If you're reading the comments before watching the trailer: WARNING TRAILER CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS !!!The trailer's good but the show is even better, watch it in one weekend, if you like original paranormal ideas you should enjoy it.

  • Uebernueber

    I like the us version more.

  • Ayla Markkula

    Wow, this trailer has way too many spoilers to share with others if one would like them to see a trailer in the hopes of getting them to start watching the series.

  • PloufsPuppet

    Very bad trailer because it shows a lot of plottwists that are better to be unexpected

  • gnilttbs

    Damn, I gotta learn French.


    I just saw this sries and way better than the american remake.

  • Kristen

    This was such an amazing series but is it ever coming back to the U.S.??? The new remake is ok but not nearly as atmospheric as the original. Hope season 2 is on its way!!!!

  • Melissalol Lol

    the returned is on Netflix I just finished watching the first season on netflix

  • Grxmes lol

    Ok, this is better then the us version, defo gunna start watching but where can I watch it?😭

  • Bryan Lee

    Suis-je le seul revenant ici ?

  • s rach

    i love this show!! its so good and can't wait for season 2! they are remaking it in america now… i guess we will see if its any good.

  • James Ruse

    Is this TV show in English?

  • Dorina Batory

    Americans just can't stop bitchin' about subtitles, can they? LOL


    I'm lucky I can speak French as well as English :D

  • August L

    I'm French and I always watch US Shows with subtitles (cause I like original voices) and almost every people watching series do the same, I don't especially need subtitles cause I can understand english but it's easier with subtitles. Anyway it seems like you aren't used to read subtitles, I never thought about the fact that american people don't have to read subtitles cause almost all the good Shows are american. I was asking myself why every english speaker were complaining about reading the subtitles, and then I thought "they're not used to read those". Weird cause every other people in the world are used to read subtitles, cause we watch American Shows.Anyway this is a great show, and it was quite enjoyable to watch it in my mother tongue. The season 2 is coming soon :PPS : Btw the remake kinda sucks, better read the subtitles.

  • rosalice bou

    la saison 2 arrive en france à l'automne 2015.

  • Shaf Hassan

    I dunno... I can only watch Japanese in subs...

  • wav esh

    OK people, we've got a date now: season 2 premiere: 28th of september 2015 in France on Canal+

  • Tisha

    It is the creepiest TV show ever. I love it though! Counting the days until season 2 is released.

  • Lindsey Pixiehorn

    best show I have ever watched

  • thiaguinho #missão

    poderia ter continuação

  • wav esh

    Well, just finished watching season two 8th and final episode :D

  • cas en

    One of the most beautifully done things I've ever seen in my life.

  • cas en

    One of the most beautifully done things I've ever seen in my life.

  • Courtneelee

    This looks so good, I am starting the book today.

  • Saleh InFlames

    I'm an Arab. I read subtitles anyway.

  • Dan Yorks

    Personally, I'd choose this over the English version. The quality for this isn't crystal clear but it fits with the sadness of a death. While in the English version, it looks cheap, fake, and just doesn't do me right. It depressing losing someone you loved and they're back alive. The original captured that sadness and seriousness and the English version was very bland, considering it's the exact story.

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