FULL STORY Chinese Girl Pretends to Be A Ghost to Avoid Parking Fee

Woman Plays Ghost To Avoid Parking Fees Tough times call for creative measures in this town This happened at a parking lot of a tourism area in China. According to netizen, the fee for this parking lot is very expensive. They charge 15 yuen per hour... video uploaded from my mobile phone. The Strokes - One Way Trigger. 22.02.2013 . ... http tinyurl.com bwkkvz5 c9 pantip ... This is a video of the ghost which set all the alarms off in the white lion last night. This was obtained from an investigation in Haverfordwest Pembrokeshire we did recently the owner called us in to investigate the draw that he keeps finding o... GHOST CAUGHT ON PUB CCTV TAKING iphone FROM SEATby tvbodaga226374 views amp middot The Most Amazing Spirit Box Ghost Box and best EVP Sessions PSB7 1024. Watch Later The Most Amazing Spirit Box Ghost Box and best EVP Sessions PSB7 Mel Meter KII Responsesby Huff Paranormal33531 views amp middot Ghosts My Experience 643. Watch Later Ghosts My Experienceby smpfilms162385 views amp middot Woman plays ghost to avoid paying high parking fees 141. Watch Later Woman plays ghost to avoid lt b gt ... lt b gt Cleveland Metropolitan School District bus driver captured video of a female motorist driving on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the bus loading and unloa... Publisher of this Kelly In Moscow, metro station Oktyabrskaya Kaluzhsko-line of the Riga this morning threw herself under a train 46-year-old French citi... Surveillance camera captured images of a three year old boy riding his toy scooter at a rush hour on a busy road in the city of Wenzhou in Eastern China. Aft... By 23 year old Feng Yangxu from China. Some serious talent here. Oh, and some cucumbers thrown in for good measure Read more about this ghost video http www.eghostvideos.com 2011 04 woman-walked-right-through-ghost-in.html --------------- http www.latest-ufo-sighting... Official Ghost and Little Girl advert - Phones 4u. Check out our scary Halloween-themed advert, showing the horror that missing our latest mobile phones can ... ANGEL SUPERHUMAN Teleportation caught on CCTV in Chinaby truthrevolutions 252507 views amp middot 154. Watch Later Woman Plays Ghost To Avoid Parking Feesby Prayerhillstv 9880 views amp middot 815. Watch Later Susie the carreally cute cartoon mickeys disney storecomby mickeysdisneystore 4574139 views amp middot 240. Watch Later WindPowered CarCould Cut China s Smogby moviehyphenarchives 90041 views amp middot 101. Watch Later Chinese Car Can Be Moved By Remote Controlby geobeatsnews 612 views amp middot 346 lt b gt ... lt b gt Watch Later CCTV com 02by chunchichan0705No views 143. Watch Later by chunchichan0705184 views Sheriff Mack Hell NO to Gun Control 3626. Watch Later Sheriff Mack Hell NO to Gun Controlby thealexjoneschannel48173 views Cat meets snow 209. Watch Later Cat meets snowby jefcharles1162942 views Chinese girl pretends to be a ghost to avoid parking charge 141. Watch Later Chinese girl pretends to be a ghost lt b gt ... lt b gt Please Share This is an enhanced Non Bias break down of everything that happened in the recent teleportation video. The reason there s no bias is because ... A resident in the Chinese metropolis of Shanghai who stuck out his left foot to trip up a fugitive on the run at a subway station has earned the name Golden... record from cctv about gosh. http www.symetrix.com.au cctv.html The reason you should spend on high quality CCTV for your very own house Although as home owners, we really do not have ... 100000 Parking Ticketby Jon12542 views Audi SelfParking Demonstration CES 2013 230. Watch Later Audi SelfParking Demonstration CES 2013by Damon Lavrinc30743 views Automatic Parking SystemKLAUS Multiparking 300. Watch Later Automatic Parking SystemKLAUS Multiparkingby klausmultiparking50673 views the parking king 024. Watch Later the parking kingby dekatee687438 views CCTVWoman Plays Ghost To Avoid Parking Fees 142. Watch Later CCTVWoman Plays Ghost To lt b gt ... lt b gt This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Watch and enjoy. Please comment and rate. messing with lady in the elevator.
  • Victoria Evermore

    that's very funny

  • Vhin Patricia Karmawan

    wah keren hantu bisa ngejalanin mobil sama nyalain lampu tapi yang tadi didalam pos itu siapa?

  • Jose Cervantes

    I'm actually surprised she pulled it off considering how stupid she looked when she couldn't get in the car the first time.

  • Rirei Hiyake

    oh i shud do dat too :D

  • Brandon Varner

    This is some shit I would do! XD I even love how she remote controlled her car

  • John Doe

    my girl forgot her meds

  • Tropic Adam

    security was fired for believing in ghosts

  • Nuttie Trend Channel

    wow, what a clever way to use autopilot. THUMPS UP!!!

  • auggy dawgy

    cheap lil bastard, she did it for a few bucks

  • Marius Holdis

    omg, cant go in the car, so stupid....


    clever indeed Hahaha

  • WhiteEmerald1991

    Makes me wanna slap her. what a b1tch. All she is good for is the kitchen

  • örlogskapten Waifu

    Everyone I found my new mom

  • Diana Liu

    She's the Dragon Totem Girl:)

  • akal fikir

    kkkkkk loll really funny videos ...

  • Schmitt Djeson

    is a prank!the is not ghost cars in the a prank!

  • jacobus jordaan

    this is amazing i will try this in the future

  • El Pantera

    Next time they going to be shooting at her

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