JUMPER TELEPORT смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Hello everyone. I was inspired by movie:"Teleport" to make my own short film about that. There is no complex storyline I was only trying to recreate an effect from the movie and place it in "nichijo" [common, usual life] situations to make some funny moments.

used software: AE CC, Photoshop CC, 3Ds MAX 2012, Audacity,
used hardware: Canon 550D 18\55kit

thx 4 the help:

Paul Claynese

Ivan Seelnon

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  • Simon Shurshin

    Да это же просто АХРИНИТЕЛЬНО !

  • LtStopid

    Overgrowth! That is such a great game!

  • Paul Claynese

    Добби добил проект xD

  • Vince Alcantara

    smooth edits. good job!

  • CapiGamer

    You are so AMAZING!! You have to teach me... jajajjaja

  • G30 Dangerous

    can someone give me a link about this editor? i want to do this

  • Julien Donné

    Tu casse limage du jumpeur --'

  • Hiatus

    This is by far the best jumper/teleportation effect i've seen so far! 

  • Crywolf MC

    Teach me! (-Doctor Strange)

  • Marty Tremolo

    no effect. that real.

  • Harrison Bailey

    1 is there a tuoral and 2 how do you do the tennis and basketball games

  • ReYDeR2k

    Ахаха, прикольно.)))

  • Harrison Bailey

    один естьучебник и два , как вы делаете теннисные и баскетбольные игры

  • Salim Tashibaev

    tutorial будет? напишите ваш ID вконтакте, пожалуйста

  • Masha Chibisova

    Хочу снять аналогичную рекламу

  • AlexTihin

    создай ролик, о том как создавался "ТЕЛЕПОРТ" )))

  • VP Thirteen

    How did u do that effect?

  • Raymond Leung

    this is the best one i have seen. is there a tutorial you used or did you do this without a tutorial?

  • stuntboy

    This is so well made


    hod did you create the teleport sound effect?

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