In My Veins - Julie/Laure (Les Revenants - The Returned)

Please watch in HD/720p!

New fandom - new favourite ship!

I know that Julie's and Laure's story is a little bit more complex and complicated than that but I wanted to keep the vid as simple as possible, especially for those people who don't know the show.

Hope you enjoy. More vids about this show are planned ;-)
  • HelenAddict

    Superbe vidéo. Merci Céline/Julie et Alix/Laure forment un très beau couple. Tellement rare dans une série française.

  • MultiSemiramide

    Jolie and Laure from original verson are way better than in the american version. Plus, Jolie looks awesome with the catwoman costume.

  • Alicia en el pais de las maravillas

    I'm so bad at watching this for some reason I always thought that the older brother was the one that murdered women in the tunnel

  • Charvi Kumar

    This video gave me chills. Wonderfully done!

  • Tyann Scott

    what s the name of the show?

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