Shrek the Third - The Princesses VS the Knights смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

"Shrek the Third - The Princesses VS the Knights" no description available.
  • ninjawarrior291

    This movie will never get old

  • Luna Coolwolf

    ... why does Puss sound different?

  • Egga Bome

    Whats the song at 1:20

  • Noemi Samayoa

    that momment when princess turn bad ass with style😎😎😎💅

  • Patrick Lange

    That Snow White looks like she has down syndrome.

  • William Holmes

    I just remembered I actually liked three

  • Irene Beltrán

    that snowhite is so fucking great with Led Zeppelin.😂😂😂😂

  • Sinn

    Snow white's screams were my favorite part of it.

  • emilee acosta


  • mrmilk8907 nothing

    Ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahahahahahah

  • Lemonic Demonade

    I am both terrified and aroused.


    Snow white just turned evil

  • Wolf _Sin_Of_Wrath

    I wish I could get cute animals to kill my enemies

  • Chloe Harrell

    Did anyone notice how puss and Donkey reversed.

  • Panic! At the Hamilton Potter Fallout Phandom

    And I know you love Shrek'Cause we've watched it twelve timesBut maybe you're hoping for a fairy tale tooAnd if your DVD breaks, todayYou shoulda got a VCR'Cause I never owned a Blu-RayTrue say-Ed Sheeran

  • Dani Cerci

    Top ten anime fights

  • Cindy G

    The 1:00 mark made this movie perfect!

  • Julia Grace

    Whover said Disney princesses aren't bad asses?

  • moon child

    why does everyone hate this movie i unironically like this movie a lot

  • Billy Express

    Any one know that the screaming from snow white was from Tom Waits? Just me.... Ok.

  • FabulousFangirl

    1:35 Did Cinderella just use her glass slipper as a boomerang?

  • Drjellyfish 247

    When did this turn into a jail break film?

  • Eleanor Ward

    Omg cindy pulled a captain America 1:36 😂

  • undertaker wtf

    2:13name a better drag queenI'll wait

  • Chloe Prentice

    Holy fuck snow white can mind control animals....

  • LittlebitFluffy A.K.A. nothing special

    When princesses start gathering woodland creatures, you should start worrying.

  • Elif Nur Akkuş

    2:10 that was so funny to me as a kid

  • CutiePieTTV Jackson

    Is she the Daughter of a Siren, or a Mermaid, or is she Melody, bc, those vocals aren't natural. O.Oliterally, It doesn't help when her mother is literally no longer present, AT ALL. O.O UHHHHHHH..

  • Solara Galaxy

    I love you Doris and i will do anything for you

  • VaL PaL

    1:40 Lmao Aurora!😂- _ -

  • KALIMAindia

    The only good scene in this disapointing film! What a mess it is XD

  • CarlGaming Hd

    How many animals were just hiding? My estimate is 2,0000

  • LoBujitStudioz

    1:03 Thor ragnorok trailer song


    Better then suicide squad, and the got their own killer croc and captain boomerang anyway

  • Teddy716

    wait a minute, donkey and puss in boots swapped voices?

  • Daft

    "i voted for Team Alpha Wolf Squadron" Lol

  • Nathan Nguyen

    This proves that all princess don't need their Prince Charming

  • EnriqueDinand Alvarez

    2:13 Hey... How's it going?

  • Master Chef

    oh yeah this was a thing

  • Wᴀʟᴋɪɴɢ Dᴇᴀᴅ

    these are my princesses. take notes, disney

  • AizaS

    What even was the plot of this movie I can't even remember

  • KelsieAnn

    I started watching Whats Up Moms WA?????

  • Arkangel Díaz

    Yo...Quiero una reyna asi.. jujuju ; )

  • Jackie Nguyen

    knights and some walking trees.....

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