Bride of Gingy (English Version) смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720

Parte del cortometraje Shrek Cuentos de Halloween

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  • RandomOrdinary Girl

    Omg the Brunette Gingy's voice sounds sooo familiar, but I can't tell who it sounds like!! :(

  • jenny miranda

    ginger why must you told the chef to go take a hike you should have told him to walk around the bakery or the house

  • Asma & Kara

    My cat tried to eat the screen!

  • DJxPhoenix

    I think that's Mable from Gravity Falls xD

  • Sky Scott

    Mr Pancham Her voice creeps me so much! I would have killed her already by then.

  • GingerellaCookie Cookieguts

    I look a gingerbread girl I seriously do ha ha

  • Darrell Hobbs

    I think we both may have said some things i might regret

  • Xindra DCrystal

    She sounds alot like Mable from Gravity Falls :P

  • Kawthar Bakhach


  • Toots Magotes

    3:19 that is clearly a knife are you serious 😔

  • Sherry Carter

    This is what happens if you put too much sugar in the recipe

  • xXParkerThePugXx

    i remember watching this when i was 7

  • Mayonnaise2012

    Me when I have a crush.

  • Fallon Simpson

    Come down ginger bread man she is comeing

  • Rr R

    This is what Marriage feels like.

  • Asma & Kara

    Voice of mable from gravity falls

  • ivan moreno

    I feel bad for gingy but it's just a dilm

  • Cari Hunt

    that was only 7 and a half minutes


    2:02 I freaked out 😂

  • ivan moreno

    Well it's just a story

  • Step MADness

    Man...I didn’t know that the bride of gingy was voiced by the same person who voiced Louise from Bobs burgers.....she always does the best , crazy in the head characters

  • Toots Magotes

    DA briyd uv jinjee the bride of Chucky spin off exept it has nothing to do with the movie other than the bride

  • plmoknty

    Here's a thought, you let go...LOL

  • conrado del real

    Tfw no qt yandere gf

  • Soul Garcia

    The definition of Yandare in a DreamWorks film.😂😂😂

  • Shadow the hedgehog Johnson

    MABEL IS THAT YOU! Did Bill trap you in a cookie

  • Kitten Mitten

    😲😲😲it's maybel from gravity falls

  • Sky Scott

    This is why I live by Myself.

  • chezlovesgameing 777

    Why the flip would he leave the machine on in the first place?

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