Best Teleportation Proof To Date | Police Chase

Circa' Sometime During The 90's

  • Donnie Martin

    you can clearly see an opening in the fence to the right of where the officers headlights are ..look closely

  • Matt Dees

    Criss Angel was driving

  • David Quezada

    Haha xD "HUMANS"

  • Nonyo Bisness

    the fence ain't fixed at the bottom an he's/shes drove through and it flipped over

  • David Parkell

    I think he had a tag light out

  • Chris Green

    the fence is a flap like a doggy door

  • David Lee

    dont be stupid . cars fron the spirit world do appear and disappear. ive seen a retired ghost hunter

  • Chester Richerson

    it looked like part of the fence on the right side wasn't there, leaving an open hole for him to drive through.

  • Heartbeat Storm

    The fence was not intact... Fucking retards..They went back and checked the fence,, and guess what.. It lifted up from the bottom likeca swinging door..

  • Glitter

    The fence flipped up when he hit and fell back into place. BUT hey teleportation yeh sure that's what happened😂damn you people are fucking stupid!

  • Beautiful Perception

    The fence ended right there to the right of the section of fence the camera lands on. It looks to me like the car just drove around that last pole and through the opening just to the right.... 😅😅😅

  • Antiecm

    Well I thought when they showed this on TV and the fence was loose along the bottom that the drunk in the ran under it. Simple and no surprise here.


    How stupid. The car didn't go through the part of the fence to the LEFT with the chain-link, it went through the part to the RIGHT that is WITHOUT any chain-link. You can see it with your own eyes in the video. Yeah, sure.... hocus-pocus.

  • Brian Wilson

    completely fake, you cut out the part of "this" video showing what actually happened. stop spreading lies.

  • chacho mordaz

    I want one of those Ghost Cars..!.. The things i d do with my Ghost wheels!!!

  • Leonardo Martinez

    the name of the video says teleportation when it's actually a paranormal scene... this person is a idiot

  • Dustin Vinez

    Its Alfred from Wayne Mansion

  • lcafilms

    If you could Teleport 1 Half a City block where would you Teleport into. I would Teleport in and out of a Bank vault and retrieve as much money as I could then give the money out to the homeless.

  • Shane Gary

    Let us share the Love of the Spirit of God, The Messiah will Pray to the Father, for us to have the Spirit of God, for a Teacher, and Comforter, Forever, in the bible book of John, chapter 14, verse 26. The book of John, chapters 14, 15, and 16, Teach us how to have the Spirit of Truth, Make a home Within Us. Children of the Father, and Son, Peace be Within you...

  • Inquisitive Cameron

    the fence probably just lifted as he drove through it. either way, nothing supernatural here...

  • JAW s

    That's tupacs hologram duh

  • Janos K

    Well done. The twilight zone is anywhere off camera!

  • Anayansi B.

    the fence is not completed look to your right of the video there are space no fence that is where the driver enter.


    Nice if you're watching teach us to do that lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • richard barnhart

    They proved this was done by popping the clips holding the fence to the poles, seen it on scifi. did exactly the same way, fence down in a instant as if it had never moved.

  • Partofme

    if that is the best proof, im not sold on the idea

  • Kungini K

    This is a fine example of jackassery. Dumbass we are supposed to believe that something paranormal happens? We all know exactly what happened.

  • Southerner

    "best teleportation evidence to date" wow then this theory really sucks..

  • Steve Turner

    why did that cop not go right thru it also.... was it because he was helping to stage it? its just chain link and not even his own car.

  • Greg Thomas

    Fence flop with a side of driving over a hill. The only question I have is why I watched this video.

  • Jay Bell

    who comes up with this shit ? I mean really ?

  • Oliver Garrett

    I don't belive the fence was pushed up and down if that were the case then the fence would be shaking as if someone was shaking it

  • Dominick Estrada

    Anyone else notice this is a dash cam. So why would the police stop pursuing if the fence wasn't intact or that there was an opening? Exactly they wouldn't. If there were an entry point then the police cars would have then continued to pursue. You all are a bunch of idiots. For real.

  • Brad Petress

    why didnt the cop just drive through fence just as the car did? because thats all that happened people. some fences are not secure at the bottom therefore, it just fell right back into place. and there you have it. ghosts dont drive cars ! ha!

  • anonymous proactivist

    if im not mistaken..... right towards the left of the screen is a main pole that begina thia fence. anyone SMART ENOUGH can clearly figure this out on their own. good job for the escape! dumb police officer approached slightly to LATE!

  • turd Ferguson

    bottom of fence was not secure so it lifted and went back into place

  • Swaunj Johnson

    come on! super natural speed? how dramatic. and you can see wear the fence is broken and swings back in shut

  • anonymous proactivist

    if im not mistaken..... right towards the left of the screen is a main pole that begina thia fence. anyone SMART ENOUGH can clearly figure this out on their own. good job for the escape! dumb police officer approached slightly to LATE!

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