Marvel's Jessica Jones | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | Netflix

After a tragic ending to her short-lived Super Hero stint, Jessica Jones is rebuilding her personal life and career as a private detective in Hell's Kitchen. It's time the world knew her name...

Marvel's Jessica Jones

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Marvel's Jessica Jones | Official Trailer 2 [HD] | Netflix
  • Kevin Hernandez

    that song of the trailer is from infinite warfare

  • David Roberts

    They should have hired the people who put this trailer together to work on the series. This looks far more intense than the entire series.

  • Sofia. F

    Jessica: You've been ruining my life!Kilgrave: You never had a life!Jessica is me and Netflix is Kilgrave

  • Guy R

    "I don't know how you handle it" "It's called whiskey" LOL, I love Jessica. She's like Tony Stark without the Disney censorship.

  • Louiz Antonio

    I get a weird fuzzy feeling about this serie. Only watched 1 episode...

  • Pingo Bear

    okey whats first, Jessica Jones and than Luke Cage, or Luke Cage and than Jessica??

  • giolamusic


  • 지국 빵!

    this show reminds me of dark angel haha memories

  • Unicorn Rainbow

    If anyone wants to know what her power is it's her fists XD

  • CausticCynic

    An epic trailer for an epic show. Seriously. I love David Tennant as Kilgrave. Then again, I love David Tennant in everything. He's a super talented actor and I hate how there's so few things he stars in. I hope I get to see more of David Tennant in the future. But I can't neglect Krysten Ritter. Amazing as Jessica Jones. She makes you feel Jessica's horrible past and present pain in every scene. If you haven't seen this show yet. Then what are you doing? Go watch it

  • Fadhil Rafeeq

    was that Morgan Freeman

  • Owl Princess

    There will be season 2? and if yes , when?

  • Tavay Carroll

    I love iron fist, Luke cage, and daredevil, but Jesse Jones is awful. The woman is a terrible actress, poorly written, and the show just sucks!

  • Megan Proctor

    0:23 girl with the dragon tattoo

  • Serpentine

    WTF I thought this was Jessica Jones s2

  • Elīna Krūmiņa

    wtf. it was season 1

  • شدي ولدك 12:00 باجنيد

    علياء 9 من 9 على غزة في محيط مطار الملك خالد في كل من قال ان شاء فعل الخير 12:00 من عمل ريتويت اذا كان هناك من لا يعرف ما هو إلا ذكر في التوراة قل صبري في 6 9:30-مساءً من خلال هذا

  • athaullha khan

    Yoooou can watch MMMMarveel's Jessica Jones heeeere

  • Jim Lynch

    Season 2 Jessica enlists the aid of Groot to solve a series of crimes linked a suspicious alien visitor? No?

  • Jessica James

    you people should watch DC's legends of tomorrow

  • ricerust

    boring af watched 4eps stil dont no wat its about

  • María

    Does anyone know the title of the music of this trailer? I think I heard it in a Warcraft trailer.

  • TrailerRedux

    One of the best trailers I've seen... and I've seen so many

  • jig naik

    I wаtсhеd Maааrveеel's Jessicа Jones full mоviе hеrе

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